Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Grožio Pasaulis

    Clinic for aesthetic medicine and dermatology is situated in a busy part of Vilnius, neighboured...

    Blog 25 April 2023

    TF Store by Kenta Nagai Studio

    TF is a well-known fashion boutique. Meaning of the shop name TF = ToFu (Japanese food). Their...

    Blog 19 April 2023

    FXFOWLE Lounge installation by FXFOWLE Architects, Miami

    FXFOWLE Architects  shared with us their custom-design for the inaugural Miami Project art...

    Blog 27 February 2023

    Tamago Kissaten café by DA bureau

    Founded in 1255, Kaliningrad is one of the Baltic region‘s oldest cities with an eventful...

    Blog 27 February 2023

    Café At Last

    White "cafe" that becomes part of "home" perfectly. It meets lifestyle and regular lifestyle of...

    Blog 19 February 2023

    Metaphorical Wood and Book Sculpture by Maskull Lasserre

    A Serpentine Rattlesnake Wraps Around A Metaphorical Wood & Book Sculptire by Maskull...

    Blog 18 February 2023

    Nappo Pizza

    Developed by Urbanjobs in a space surrounded on three sides by inordinate walls within Kanyon...

    Blog 08 January 2022

    Colorful Portraits Celebrate Diversity With Minimal Lines and Geometric Shapes

    Brazilian artist Luciano Cian creates minimal line art portraits that pop off the page with...

    Blog 08 August 2021

    Wooden Infinite Loop Seating Installation

    Wooden Infinite Loop Seating Installation Known for its innovative designs that challenge the...

    Blog 08 August 2021

    Beautiful & Interesting work by Artist Hamed Maiye

    Hamed Maiye is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. His work explores cultural...

    Blog 08 August 2021

    Restaurant Tsingtao China 1903 Taproom by MINOR lab

    The project is located in Beijing’s Wangjing QiLinShe, a lively neighborhood with...

    Blog 05 August 2021

    Elegant & Sexy MKB Private Bank

    A boundless sense of freedom is the main idea of the updated mkb private bank’s brand...

    Blog 12 July 2021


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