Tech Art by Sebastian Errazuriz

    There is no doubts Science, Art and Technology are the Three Whales on whom the 21...

    Blog 03 January 2021

    Australian Plants Grow from the Crevices of Jamie North's Living Sculptures

    Embedded within the eroded cement and marble pillars of artist Jamie North  are a host of...

    Blog 03 January 2021

    Wonderfully Rich & Eclectic in Nature: Caffettiera Caffé Bar, Montréa

    Awesome little café bar in Canada, Wonderfuly rich and eclectic in nature, whilst...

    Blog 03 January 2021

    Longi Pasta by Shyika&Shyika

    Amazing looking Pasta Packaging and beautifully crafted pasta also! The main idea of packaging...

    Blog 12 August 2020

    The Original Lolcat Felix the Cat Exhibition

    One of my favourite characters ever, what an amazing show. This is what We Heart said about...

    Blog 29 July 2020

    Beautiful Abstract Stills & Objects by Anders Brasch-Willumsen

    Amazing 3D works from Copenhagen-born creative Anders Brasch-Willumsen, art director and...

    Blog 02 March 2020

    Bulka Bakery Gorky Park, Moscow

    Glass walls make the most of the Gorky Park scenery at Crosby Studio's green house... Back in the...

    Blog 02 March 2020

    'the rise of vietnamese robots' pays homage to the forgotten window designs of saigon

    saigon-based conceptual art studio,  design by reborn  released a series of 22 limited...

    Blog 27 February 2020

    A Beer For Typography Lovers by Bodoville

    Meet the type can. A beer concept created for typography lovers, like us. Time is up for...

    Blog 27 February 2020

    UNIBROWN Coffee Store by Mur Mur Lab

    Eyes of time Despite several manuscripts, the space in the center for only one person has not...

    Blog 19 February 2020

    LINE Hotel Austin Texas

    LINE Austin A Fine Line: Sydell Group astound once more, as LINE Austin continues the cultural...

    Blog 09 February 2020

    YUZU Burger Bar

    Yuzu, Reykjavik The ice-cool simplicity of Nordic and Japanese aesthetic combine at an impressive...

    Blog 08 February 2020


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