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Studio Equator Return on Design Investment Strategy for Alter It Studio Equator Return on Design Investment Strategy for Alter It



Originally a small clothing alterations booth in Knox City called "Alta It", the business was purchased in 2002 and embarked on a company restructure & revitalisation program. This included a name change to Alter It and the creation of a brand.

Alter It approached Studio Equator with a desire to find retail positioning in an almost invisible industry. The diverse nature of their potential client base and a lack of good affordable locations were challenges they needed to overcome. Aspiring to become a Franchisor, they had need of a consistently professional brand strategy that would allow for store rollout. Their goal was to make clothing alterations part of the shopping experience by offering alterations in 30 minutes, but they needed to change the consumer perception to make this successful.

Studio Equator was commissioned to work on the branding & interior design concept of Alter It's retail entity. The aim was to make the stores a critical advertisement for the brand and the service that will be remembered and revisited, and will mark its difference from competitors.

To achieve this, Studio Equator adopted a contemporary approach with a bold, interactive and fun identity that translates through graphics and interiors. The fit-outs are designed in an open theatre layout, which gives the brand a point of difference while remaining practical and adaptable. A logo was created which doubles as mascot "Mitch the stitch" and is known today as an icon in the industry. This logo and its attendant graphics are easily adaptable to stationery, marketing collateral, uniforms and shop graphics including signage and wall murals.

This bold re-branding strategy has consistently resulted in an increase in sales in stores adapting the new branding and fit-out - e.g. Alter It Highpoint recorded a sales growth of 59% in a year after rebrand. These stores have also experienced improvements in staff morale and productivity, and in consumer attitudes. The increasing market value of the brand is manifested in the returns achieved on the sale of the existing businesses to new franchisees and the demand for new franchises.

Alter It is now Melbourne's leading clothing alterations, dressmaking  and clothing repairs  franchise, with 18 stores across Victoria. The return on design investment is not finite. Alter It continues to reap the rewards on the initial investment, commenting that there have been no additional advertising or PR campaigns other than that designed and implemented by Studio Equator’s return on design investment strategy. Alter It and Studio Equator have attracted a lot of media interest as a direct result of the brand strategy: “Your business success” (channel 9) first ever and still the most watched episode, winner of Graphis (New York) logo design top 100 best art directors in the world, Oz Graphis, winner of best store in various shopping centres.

Today, Alter It, in partnership with Studio Equator, is exploring other ways to leverage off the brand we have created.

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