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OneSteel LiteSteel Beam campaign OneSteel LiteSteel Beam campaign



OneSteel knew they were onto a winning product when they launched their LiteSteel Beam, marketed as LSB®, in 2005 through OneSteel Group Company LiteSteel Technologies.

LSB® is an Australian-developed product for the residential and light commercial construction markets. Because the LiteSteel Beam was a new way to use steel, where previously engineered wood or steel beams requiring the use of cranes would have been needed, when LiteSteel Technologies launched the LiteSteel Beam into the US market they had to do their homework.

They used a carefully researched analysis of the market to plan their product launch, using surveys of builders and architects, interviews, outside experts, and companies at all points of the building supply chain to decide how they would sell their product.

They wanted their market to understand the value of the new building solution they were offering.

The LiteSteel marketing campaign was very successful in generating media coverage from a wide range of US construction and building publications, including winning at least one reader-voted product of the month follow-up article.

Their campaign included elements of advertising, trade show appearances, dedicated media relations, field demonstrations, pricing studies, software for architects, and direct mail, as well as other strategies.

As a result, the LiteSteel Beam has successfully accepted into the US marketplace.

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