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Laminex - the name says it all. Laminex - the name says it all.



Laminex is an extremely powerful brand name that represents the world's most popular laminate.
The Laminex brand has become so popular in fact, that for millions of people around the world the brand name has become synonymous with the product.

Australian company Laminex has been innovatively and successfully marketed throughout its history.
In the mid 20th century Laminex products were advertised in influential Women's Magazines, such as Australian Home Beautiful and House and Garden. Full page advertisements featured marketing campaigns promoting the 'laminex … lovelier for a lifetime' trade mark, and served to reinforce the brand's functionality.

Retail showrooms were used as an effective marketing tool, where samples of the Laminex product were available to take home for 'colour matching'.

In the 1980s the company built 'Laminex House' in Warrandyte, a suburb of Melbourne.  This was a domestic home extensively featuring Laminex products that was used to market the products in what was an extremely original and innovative way for the times.

In 1992 Colour Confidence Centres were introduced to assist customers in choosing complementary décor schemes for their homes and more than ten million sample chips were distributed by the early 21st century.

At a recent designEX exhibition, rather than the traditional approach of displaying hundreds of small swatches of product in their booth, Laminex commissioned a design firm who presented a 20 metre high installation showcasing a key product for the company.

This approach significantly increased the available exhibition space for Laminex and created a visible landmark for event participants and visitors. The space was suddenly active and dynamic in every sense, providing a real reason for staff to engage with consumers. It repositioned the brand and also won the much-coveted award "Best Stand over 30 square meters".

Interestingly, a private buyer in New Zealand purchased the stand upon completion of the exhibition, providing Laminex with a return on their initial design investment!

Today Laminex continue to use clever design and strong marketing campaigns to maintain their place as the world's favorite laminate.

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