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G-Lux is an importer and wholesaler of porcelain, marble and other natural stone products and tiles, whose ethos is 'guaranteed luxury'.

An existing client, G-Lux approached Studio Equator to design a showroom with the aim of growing their business, maximising profit and increasing brand awareness. It was decided that Studio Equator would first conduct a design audit, to identify how design could be strategically used to help achieve their financial and non-financial goals, and get the best return on design investment.

Our design audit included an evaluation of the existing brand and its point of difference, a comprehensive analysis of industry competitors, the marketing and sales process, and current and prospective clientele, as well as detailed client surveys.

From this information, Studio Equator drafted a brand anatomy chart outlining how the goals and objectives of the company could be achieved using design solutions including branding / visual ID, online experience, trade show brand experience, and other relevant areas and applications.

Through the audit process, we realised that the majority of G-Lux's income comes from architects, designers and developers. Through focused client surveys to this target market we gained an understanding of what they are seeking in a supplier, and found that creating a highly functional website with time-saving tools would be more cost-effective than opening a showroom, and would result in a higher return on design investment.

The audit also revealed that there was a lack of consistency across all communication material, and that the key brand message was not being communicated at all.

Studio Equator suggested that G-Lux refine their vision and mission statements to better reflect the brand's identity, and that this should be reinforced visually within all communications (marketing collateral, email footers, promos, trade shows etc) to create a consistent brand experience for customers.

More simple and powerful collateral that is both interesting and functional should be created to engage with customers, and to inspire and get them exited about the brand.

Studio Equator recommended a complete re-design of the G-Lux website including new programming and CMS functionality as well as simple, exciting and responsive front end design to reinforce the brand's customer service promise.

The new website is to have strong, focused, ongoing communication to build customer confidence and social networking tools (e.g. blog, news, testimonials, newsletters, online mini-zine etc), as well as smart time-saving web tools allowing for a more responsive approach (e.g. customer surveys, calculators, ordering forms, downloadable specification brochures etc) and will reflect G-Lux's market position as a leading creative business partner to builders, developers and designers and architects.

The key stakeholders at G-Lux agreed that Studio Equator was able to highlight their key strengths and to underline opportunities to create a stronger brand presence in the market.
Our recommendations to review the website, brand personality and collateral have been acted upon already. G-Lux have also hired a full time sales representative to service Architects and Designers & Developers, and at our suggestion are currently looking at putting into place pop-up stores that can be temporarily located in or near new developments, as an alternative to an expensive one-location showroom.

Studio Equator looks forward to providing our services to ensure that G-Lux maintain and grow their business in the marketplace.

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