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Forbo Flooring Systems



Forbo Flooring Systems is a leading global brand name with a market share of over 60% in project vinyl and linoleum floor coverings.

Forbo focus on high quality, design orientated solutions, and have developed a reputation for using interesting and interactive design concepts at tradeshows and in advertising campaigns and point of sale displays.

Forbo Flooring Systems has a well respected design team that develops the best in color and design for all the products in their portfolio, but it is not just their products that have made Forbo a leading brand, but the way they have marketed and displayed their products in consistently original and creative ways.

At the Greenbuild Conference in Boston in 2008, the Forbo booth had no structure and no height. This use of space showcased no carbon footprint, and promoted the gorgeous flooring products. Moreover, they had a live Webcam that reported back to the Forbo customer service headquarters. This booth was rated the most attractive approach with the right message for that particular show.

This is just one example of where a brand has perfectly matched their marketing approach to both their product, and their target market.

Studio Equator can tailor make design solutions to promote your product in focused strategic campaigns that get results.  Call us on 03 9510 8855 or visit to find out how.

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