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Designer Faces: A wallpaper experience Designer Faces: A wallpaper experience Designer Faces: A wallpaper experience Designer Faces: A wallpaper experience



Saturday in Design is an annual trade event for the design community. It involves Australia's premier designer furniture, finishes, fixtures and lighting showrooms opening their doors on a Saturday to allow architects, designers, students and design-savvy members of the public to enjoy the product they specify, in a showroom environment.

Members of Australia’s best architecture, design and creative firms partner up with participating showrooms, to create installations and innovations, using and inspired by showroom product.

Studio Equator teamed up with Eurowalls to present an installation inspired by and created with the Eurowalls wallpaper ranges.

Our concept was to create portraits of famous designers, by wallpapering and assembling modular forme-cut X-board. We wanted to play on society's popular obsession with celebrities, while keeping it fun and designer focused.  

To complement the physical wallpaper portraits, we also developed a multimedia program where visitors could design their own faces from a selection of features using patterns and colours from Eurowalls wallpaper ranges on a large interactive touch screen.

X-board furniture, custom home wares and panelled towers were also wallpapered and used in the exhibition for decoration, information displays, functional furnishings and VIP gifts and two of the designer portraits were printed as colourful masquerade masks and handed out as a keepsake.

The installation was innovative and engaging, making viewing the showroom product an interactive experience and transforming simple wall coverings into unique pieces of art.

Over 1500 designers and industry professionals viewed the installation at the Eurowalls showroom. Visitors admired the stunning wallpapers and their unique application as art, and around 200 people designed and submitted their own designer face using the interactive touch screens.

The event was a great opportunity for Eurowalls to showcase their product and resulted in a great many enquires and sales, a solid database and media coverage for several months following the event.

People don't think of wallpaper as being beautiful or versatile, but it is!  It can be implemented into artworks, custom furniture and home wares, pop-up spaces, exhibition design, temporary space applications and more - with design anything is possible!

Chances are that your product could also be presented in original and creative ways to give your company a unique point of difference.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities please contact us!

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