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Davis Colors Mix-Ready launch Davis Colors Mix-Ready launch Davis Colors Mix-Ready launch



Davis Colors used a trade show to launch its Mix-Ready packaging for concrete additives several years ago. The new package could be tossed into a concrete mixer without opening, weighing, or pouring the dusty powders, a significant advantage for ready-mix producers.

To get the point across, Davis decorated its booth like a basketball court, but with a graphic of the back of a concrete truck instead of a basket. The salespeople wore striped referee shirts and had whistles hanging from lanyards around their necks. They held up basketball-sized Mix-Ready bags and offered attendees chances to "score with Mix-Ready" by tossing bags into the truck.

Show goers greeted the invitation with humour and relief that it wasn't another booth crammed full of product information. It didn't need to be; just tossing the bags into the mixer was enough to create an indelible impression and communicate the benefits of the new admixture system.

The booth also facilitated personal interaction between buyers and sellers. From the free-throw line, the "Ref" would hand off the customer to a salesperson who could discuss product benefits one on one.

The show was a successful launch for the Mix-Ready product line and helped communicate the ease and convenience of the Mix-Ready package for handling of Davis Colors color additives for concrete.

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