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Tutti Frutti Epping Plaza


Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is a one of the world's largest self-serve frozen yogurt retail chains. Originating from America and with over 500 stores worldwide, Tutti Frutti is fast becoming an internationally recognised brand.

Since developing the fit out concept for Tutti Frutti’s first Melbourne store in QV in 2011, Studio Equator has conducted a design audit for the business, and using the strategy uncovered by this process has helped design an additional four stores in Victoria and three interstate.

Tutti Frutti’s new kiosk in Highpoint shopping centre demonstrates how the fit out concept is flexible, while still keeping within the overall design concept.

The new looking store design uses the yellow ply wall cladding, contrasted by Black Mirror and narrative illustrations that were custom-designed for Tutti Frutti in new ways, ensuring the brand is both evolving, on trend and instantly recognisable.

The bright panelling, emotive graphics and trademark coloured fluoro lights combine to make a fun, eye-catching kiosk that is sure to be a great success.