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Rola Website


Established brand Rola approached Studio Equator’s web design team to produce a website that showcases their brand and assists their market with expertise and simplicity. 

Rola is a supplier and producer of roof racks and car accessories that cater for the adventurous traveler.  They provide adventure seekers with the accessories and tools you need to simply pack your surf board, slap on your ski’s and fit your kayak to the roof of your car with safety, simplicity and style.  Their slogan states that once you’ve been fitted and worded up by Rola, its then time to “Just Add Adventure.”

Aiming to appeal to the lifestyle focused market, Rola needed a website that was simple, straight forward and user friendly.  Rola aims to help you on your adventure – providing you with the right products to let you get out there and enjoy your passion. Whether it’s surfing, cycling, camping, or for your trade, their range of roof racks and related accessories have been designed to provide years of enjoyable use.

The most enjoyable element of this website experience is the “Smart Filter”.  The smart filter allows visitors to fill in their car details including car manufacture, model and style and Rola automates a roof rack specific to your style car, giving you an immediate intelligence of your requirements.  This website ability showcases Rola’s expertise leaving piece of mind in the consumer.  Furthermore, the website offers more knowledge by then giving the customer accessory options potentially needed to continue their personal journey.  Rola aims to make sure every surfer, skate boarder, skier or tradesman is fully equipped with what they need to carry all their gear safely and with style. 

Acting as an online browsing experience, Rola website also features a “Stockists Lookup” where consumers can then locate the closest stockist near them.  Again highlighting the simplicity and user friendly functionality of the website. 

Studio Equator designed a website that helped re-create, manage and position the brand to better assist their customers, highlight the the brands expertise and put them in the forefront of their competitors. Now we need to “Just Add Adventure”!