Studio Equator




Rogerseller_G-Lux Art of seduction installation


Our good friends and coolest clients from G-Lux together with the team @ Rogerseller commissioned Studio Equator to do an installation to support the launch of Melbourne based The Apiary's film “The Art of Seduction”.


Studio Equator’s installation was a visual interpretation of the film’s hero subject matter: the powerful symbology of a flower. The 3 dimensional flower sculpture was designed in collaboration with genius Hector Iraheta. Built using fluoro infused orange acrylic (to mirror previous installations done for G-Lux), the majestic Jellyfish flower structure was crafted to be aesthetically beautiful and luminous in nature. The centre core light source was illuminated using Mance Design's ultraslim fluoro lighting fixture.


The modular installation was erected inside the amazing Rogerseller's showroom in Burnley during their ever popular open day, where designers and clients alike join the team at Rogerseller and learn about the new products. More of a lighting object than a sculpture, the flower was really well received and the client had great success.


A little bit about the film:


The second vignette of the commissioned three-part short film piece for The Art of Seduction, “A Gesture in Anticipation”. The film, produced and directed by Melbourne-based The Apiary, embraces the theme of uncontrollable desire and draws upon the powerful symbology of a flower as the ultimate seducer.