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Plox Siren Packaging


Plox Siren Packaging

Plox produces award winning portable technology products with stockist worldwide. The company’s passion focuses around producing technology that is convenient and well designed. Plox approached Studio Equator with a challenge: to repackage a wireless Bluetooth speaker that had already been in the marketplace for around one year with low sales as the packaging was dull and unassuming. We were tasked with designing a packaging system that was unique whilst showcasing the product.

Utilising our creative philosophy and process, we develop initial concepts based on our audit process findings, we then develop a concept in line with our client’s measurable outcomes. The main idea revolves around the tactility and fun of pulling out the speaker to turn it on. This action is what sets the Plox Siren apart from all other wireless speakers on a saturated market.

Competitors generally cover their product in plastic or hidden within boxes. We decided to allow potential customers not only to touch the speaker, but connect it to their phone and try it out, within the packaging design mechanics. Supported by the the tagline ‘Be loud’, we created secondary bold graphical elements referencing the physical product’s shape. Water ripples and Soundwaves were huge inspiration in the development of this concept.

A simple geometric round packaging system was designed highlighting the product and allowing consumers to try it. It is also able to freestand on a shelf and be secure enough with minimum shrinkage even with the entire front half of the product exposed. The front of product is exposed to allow it to be pulled out and tested by customers. The rigidity of the plastic and card holds this product within the packaging.

Plox began with a generic packaging strategy which did not highlight the unique qualities of their product. Studio Equator engineered a new packaging system that draws potential customers to and seal its unique offering.