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Pierre Song Bing Connoisseur

Client Quentin Song has spent many years making crepes and bings.  After understanding and mastering the French crepes and Chinese bing, he assigned Studio Equator to develop a Name, Brand, Identity and Interior Design Strategies for his new endeavour.  This is when Pierre Song came alive.

Everybody loves the traditional French crepes, drenched in nutella or folded in with honey! Everybody also likes the flavours and ingredients of the Chinese Bing, coriander dressed pulled pork bings!  Pierre Song is a combination of both.  This intriguing and unique food offering explores the traditional French crepe and the Chinese bing in the same environment!

Located within the Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, Pierre Song lights up the food court with a distinctive identity and shopfront.  Pierre Song’s brand came about from the combination of French tradition and Chinese cuisine.  The client wanted to develop a brand model that can be easily recognisable, iconic and simple to manipulate.  Pierre Song was developed behind a model that intended to bring future growth, return on investment and a simple model to franchise.

Pierre Song is a character that represents the brand.  He is exactly half French and half Chinese background.  He has taken influence from his French ancestors through the art of Fencing but his Chinese heritage is still so much apart of him.  Pierre Song is a Bing Connoisseur, selling the best French crepes and Chinese Bing in Melbourne.

The Pierre Song Visual Identity is reflected through character and explores both cuisines.  The interior design needed to complement this keeping in mind the strategic franchise model the business aims to take in the near future.

Whilst watching the bing connoisseurs at their best, panning, flipping and filling your chosen bing or crepe, you’ll be fronted with four hotplates held behind a custom red and grey tiled front that continues to frame the shop.  The ceiling is installed with french plaster rosettes that hold drop pendant lights.  The custom wallpaper gives quirky illustrations of Pierre Song himself in different fencing positions with splatters of black spots representing the brand logo (and crepes).  The illustrated character repeats numerous times on the custom wallpaper along with a Chinese translation of the brand name.

The logo is backlit with an LED light and the signage is replicated along the back wall in highlighter orange to show contrast.  The logo and script is all custom typography and the brand’s colour scheme is a simple black and white with red and grey ceramic tiling.

The graphics extend to the wrapping paper for the bings, cardboard holders for the crepes and work polos making it a very simple design and concept to redevelop for franchising.  The iconic logo and character makes this brand recognisable within the hospitality and takeaway food industry and the functionality of the space makes the brand easy to operate for future tenancies.

Be sure to treat yourself to this delicious cuisine and keep a watch out for Pierre Song’s infectious personality!