Studio Equator



NL House



Ocean Readings, 2013, "Facade Design"

A Malaysian restaurant in Carlton, NL House wanted to re-invent themselves to be more modern, and to stand out in order to attract new clients.

The business was to refocus with more of a fast food offering targeted towards nearby students and workplaces.

Aside from achieving a more modern and funky feel, the client’s only requirement was that the octagonal window in the shopfront was retained.

We chose to enhance this feature, and use it as inspiration for our fit out design.

We accentuated the window by adding complementary shapes in coloured dampalon, which echo the existing shape and help draw attention to and within the shopfront.

We also created a continuing linear concept that flows throughout the interior space and fixtures.

The octagonal shape was also reflected in a cluster of octagonal mirrors, custom designed by Studio Equator, as well as in the angled shapes used in the main signage, menu board, outdoor barriers and graphic applications (business cards and menus).

We wanted to create a funky Malaysian feel and to create a big impact, so commissioned local artist TWOONE to paint a wall mural on the shopfront, as well as a panel on an interior wall, with striking original artwork featuring the Malay white tiger.

To complete the fit out, we added two ornate rosettes to match the one already existing in the tenancy, and added quirky industrial light fittings to contrast with their traditional look.

We also designed a graphic pattern inspired by the octagonal theme to use throughout the fit out and on graphic applications including business cards, menu, signage and ticketing.