Studio Equator



kokido the chicken connoisseur


Owners of Kokido we’re clucky with an idea.  After approaching Studio Equator with their oven-roasted chicken baby, the designers conceptualised Kokido from a chick to a what it is now, a full grown chicken.  With a passion for fresh, healthy produce and an urge to share their renewed offering of traditional oven-roasted chicken, Kokido sprung to life with their virtuoso; The Chicken Connoisseurs.

Kokido means chicken in Esperanto, a language invented to transcend national barriers and encourage unity between people from all over the world. For Kokido owners, Esperanto represents their inspiration and goals: bringing people together through a common love of food. Esperanto was developed by a professor named L. L Zamenhof, as a global language.  The client’s thought it perfect to continue with the direction taken from the culture of Esperanto and a concept was developed from there.

The use of fresh produce and oven-roasted cooking was the overall inspiration intended for the interior design.  A fresh colour scheme of yellow, white and orange was translated throughout the interior.  The walls are panelled in textured Echo Panels, geometrically placed in the chosen colour scheme.  Continued along the wall, features a contrasting large scale graffiti installation of a ‘sophisticated chicken’.  This again, continues with the Esperanto language in it’s global initiation and representing world language with a heightened knowledge of the encyclopaedia.

The Echo Panel walls are complimented with wooden planter boxes and the custom designed and produced light fittings, replicating large-scale pot plants, add for another Studio Equator quirk.  Porcelain tiles finish the splash back with a plywood counter, timber seating and polished concrete floors.

The shopfront highlights the Kokido logo, signage and presentation with back light neon lighting displaying the black and white signage and a simple red neon lit chicken logo bringing forth the simplicity of the chicken and easy way finding from the shopfront.

The visual identity extends to the collateral, in particular, the staff polo shirts.  Take notice when your friendly Kokido connoisseur turns around to cook your chicken, the simple diagram on the back of the shirt again emphasises the Esperanto and Encyclopaedia representation of a chicken.

Studio Equator brings their ‘industrial chic’ concept with a ‘more-with-less’ ethos.  With custom designed and produced lighting, quirky graphics contrasting off the pure simplicity, Kokido celebrates their opening in a fresh and distinct way.