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Fiesta ID & stationery



Eat-Drink-Design Awards Highly Commended 2014



Fiesta's graphics and visual identity was featured in an internationally known Graphic Design magazine, IDN Magazine (CHN).

After 30 years of providing its customers with authentic Mexican food, it was time to rebrand and create an identity package that expressed its reputation for authentic flavour and vibrant energy.The identity represents Fiesta’s personality through quirky designs, loud colour and Mexican paraphernalia to accentuate the brands culture.

In creating the new visual identity and brand, Studio Equator were excited to rebrand the existing Mexican restaurant, wanting to give it new life, vibrancy and develop an identity that responded to the brand’s personality and offering in a more contemporary representation looking at the current generation with the idea of a ‘Fiesta’ Mexican celebration.

The logo uses a playful yet bold typography in black that contrasts on a changeable colourful background. Studio Equator based the logo on the traditional Mexican witch doctors and continued the concept using interesting Mexican objects and icons such as skulls and flying angels all cropped against a colourful background. The objects are then contrasted with geometric confetti like patterns and simple yet dynamic typography. Vibrancy was key in refreshing this brand and also creating an identity that is varied and visually interesting, while still being consistent as a whole to hold Fiesta’s iconic identity.

The identity extends from the logo to the menu and the collateral. Each element responds to the colour and vibrancy of the brands personality. The confetti like graphics (including the façade of the venue), simple, punchy typography is evident throughout and the use of traditional Mexican icons and objects throughout the identity give a playful energy to the brands image. Fiesta is a representation of a Mexican celebration, this is how the designers have interpreted the identity and reflected the ethos and reputation of the brands offerings.

Fiesta is situated in a commercial and residential area that falls within a more minimalistic design region. This makes Fiesta, with its quirky graphics and extraordinary colour stand out from the simple and tonal identities surrounding. Fiesta is one of a kind in its area so for it to compete in its location it had to be contemporary and up-to-date with the current generation and to be loud and inviting, attracting all demographics within the area and further.

Fiesta is based on a traditional design model to represent the brands personality and offering. The innovation of this identity is its simple yet effective use of colour and chosen graphics and typography. The finished product is a more contemporary representation of the general idea of a Fiesta Mexican celebration, however, the brilliance of this design allows the brand to keep this current identity yet make it interchangeable with different colours and still be consistent as a whole to hold Fiesta’s iconic identity. This also makes the design a sustainable identity, giving the clients freedom to be variable and continue to communicate visually without having to rebrand too near in future.

Any design that is true to the brand’s personality and history is an innovative design. The more reflective you are of the personality and aim to use that as fuel to create a contemporary design, the more effective and creative the design is going to be and more importantly, the more original the brand will be. The more original the brand is, the more likely it is to be noticed, remembered, loved and marketed by its customers and clientele. This is the simple basis behind Studio Equator’s direction for Fiesta’s innovative visual identity.