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AGIdeas Access Night images_Group 02

AGIdeas international design week is one of the largest and most prestigious design festivals in the world.

As part of the festival, selected design studios open their doors to small groups of students for dinner, drinks and discussion or design workshops, giving them a chance to gain valuable insights into their ways of thinking and working.

In 2013 Studio Equator hosted workshops where students were split into 3 groups, each with the task of creating interesting images around the theme of the fun side of design using themselves as subject matters.

Group 1 had a stylist, photographer and a bunch of whacky props to produce self-portraits (with great results!)

Group 2 was introduced to one of our favourite techniques and pastimes, scanning our faces on our Epson scanners to create some abstract impressions / portraits. The guys had a great time learning a new way of creating with surprising results.

Group 3 was set the task to create a 3D environment that represented them. They were given some of the sample finishes that Studio Equator typically uses, together with print outs of their Facebook avatars, and asked to describe their sense of space.

We were given about 40 minutes to complete the task, look at the results and drink the night away...The results were awesome images that were then finished by Studio Equator and will be converted into t-shirt designs to be highlighted in new fashion label: Grafeek