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Acquire Hub™ Melbourne


Acquire Hub™ Melbourne

Built across 3 levels in the bustling cafe neighbourhood of Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD, the Acquire Hub™ is a pioneering, technology driven space focused on the modern leaner and job seeker.

The original vision for The Acquire Hub was to build the coolest campus on the planet where students could call home. A place where they could be productive, progress their course units, get free access to computers and internet, engage with peers, be recognised for achieving their study goals and most importantly connect with employment opportunities. Kind of like a BIG WARM FUZZY HUG. The space needed to be a cross between an Apple Store/Starbucks/Airline Lounge.

Team Behind

It was important that we chose the right design/interior/architect partner who understood the basic needs of our customers, the drive behind the Acquire Learning business and capturing an inspirational space for our students. We chose the design practice of Studio Equator because they brought an international intelligence that connects the cafe street culture of Europe to people. Their sensory experiential approach allowed us to consider an entire new way of connecting to our students. Studio Equator is an award winning practice run by designer Carlos Flores.

Interior Features

Designed around our student customers, employment partners and general foot traffic, the interior of the Acquire Hub features a Discovery zone on the ground level. A large open space plus private meeting pods to offer career guidance and connect to the broader Acquire brand through touch screen displays. Beautiful carpets, couches and a techno colour display of lighting enhance peoples discover experience form the moment they walk in the door.

On level 02, you will find a space dedicated to students. Individual sound proof study pods, lockers, garden seating, beats (DJ booth) and treats such as free coffee make this space like home. A vibrancy of colours and sensory stimulation drives the acceleration of studying and connecting with peers. This level is also the home of Australias first Student Experience Pod (SXP). Designed in the style of an aircraft, the SXP is a private space whereby students will be able to connect one on one with potential employers through Google Hangouts. There is even a light fitting shaped like a cloud to enhance the student journey.

Level 03 is a beautiful, slick space dedicated to masterclasses, workshops and events. There is a techno coloured lighting system which reacts to the movement of sound to heighten the experience. Self catering facilities and individual meeting rooms attract a broad range of users from business meetings to interviews.


The Acquire Hub has designed a seamless technology solution to focus on the needs of our customers throughout the entire building. Whilst each floor boasts clever solutions such as Australias biggest TV at 103 inches, interactive touch screens, Google hangouts in meeting rooms, free devices, free wifi, free printing and charging stations, the technology had to be a balance between making this space a technological extravaganza and responsive to basic needs of our customers.

Words by: we are vanguard