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Jamie xx _ Gosh

Jamie xx _ Gosh Jamie xx _ Gosh Jamie xx _ Gosh Jamie xx _ Gosh Jamie xx _ Gosh

Jamie xx _ Gosh

Amazing Cinematography, awesome locations for a very interesting visual experience  filled with sharp compositions.


Teaming up with acclaimed director Romain Gavras (who did Kanye West & Jay Z’s No Church in the Wild plus M.I.A.’s Bad Girls and Born Free), the EDM whiz has produced a music video of epic and cinematic scale.


Filmed in China’s creepy Tianducheng with an exact replica of Paris that boasts a scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. The short film features 400 actors and according to Consequence Of Sound not a shred of CGI or 3D modelling.


Sweeping shots of the city’s ghostly architecture and its strange inhabitants culminate with an army of dyed-blonde militant Chinese kids with bowl cuts worshipping an albino man under the faux Eiffel. It’s definitely a trip.


“Romain Gavras has directed some of my very favourite music videos,” xx said in a statement to Apple Music, who premiered the clip overnight. “I’m so happy that my music inspired him to make something this incredible for Gosh…”



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